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Joining in Easygolife is not just a job; it is the beginning of a career

Joining Easygolife is more than just a job; it's the start of a career. Explore our current job openings and submit your application by providing your email ID. We value diversity and encourage applications from individuals who meet our minimum requirements.

Web Developer

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain web applications, websites, and e-commerce platforms using technologies such as PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), AJAX, and CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Magento).
  • Utilize PHP frameworks (e.g., Zend, Cake) and CMS platforms to streamline development processes and enhance functionality.
  • Collaborate with designers and other developers to implement responsive design principles and ensure cross-browser compatibility.
  • Create and optimize databases using MySQL, including database design, querying, and performance optimization.
  • Develop custom plugins, modules, and themes for CMS platforms to meet client requirements and enhance website functionality.
  • Stay updated on emerging technologies and industry trends, and incorporate best practices into development projects.
  • Provide technical support and troubleshooting for web-related issues, ensuring timely resolution and client satisfaction.
  • Requirements

    • Proficiency in MySQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, and CMS platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Magento).
    • Strong skills in Core PHP development, with the ability to write clean, efficient, and maintainable code.
    • Experience with PHP frameworks (e.g., Zend, Cake) and familiarity with e-commerce website development.
    • Knowledge of database design and optimization techniques, with expertise in MySQL database management.
    • Familiarity with React.js and .NET frameworks is a plus.
    • Excellent problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.
    • Effective communication and teamwork skills, with the ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams.
    • Self-motivated and proactive approach to learning and professional development.

    Creative Designer

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Collaborate with the design team to conceptualize and create visually compelling graphics, illustrations, and multimedia content for websites, mobile apps, social media, and marketing campaigns.
    • Translate project requirements and client feedback into captivating visual designs that align with brand identity and objectives.
    • Develop wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to communicate design concepts and user interactions effectively.
    • Stay updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and design tools to continuously enhance design capabilities and project outcomes.
    • Participate in brainstorming sessions and creative discussions to generate new ideas and solutions for design challenges.
    • Assist in the creation and maintenance of design assets, style guides, and brand materials to ensure consistency across projects.


    • Proficiency in graphic design tools
    • Strong portfolio showcasing creative and innovative design work across various mediums and platforms.
    • Solid understanding of design principles, typography, color theory, and layout techniques.
    • Familiarity with UI/UX design principles and best practices is a plus.
    • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to effectively convey ideas and concepts.
    • Self-motivated and detail-oriented with a passion for design and a desire to learn and grow in the field.
    • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines in a remote work environment.

    Android Developer

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Collaborate with the development team to design, develop, and maintain high-quality Android applications that meet project requirements and user expectations.
    • Utilize the latest technologies and best practices to implement robust and scalable solutions for Android platforms.
    • Conduct thorough testing and debugging to identify and resolve issues, ensuring the stability and performance of the applications.
    • Stay updated on emerging trends and technologies in mobile development, and incorporate new features and functionalities into Android applications.
    • Participate in code reviews, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative discussions to drive innovation and continuous improvement.
    • Work closely with designers, product managers, and other stakeholders to translate project requirements into technical specifications and deliverables.


    • Proficiency in Java and/or Kotlin programming languages for Android development.
    • Solid understanding of Android SDK, Android Studio, and related development tools.
    • Experience with RESTful APIs, JSON, and web services integration.
    • Familiarity with version control systems such as Git.
    • Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
    • Effective communication and collaboration abilities.
    • Self-motivated with a passion for learning and staying updated on industry trends and best practices in Android development.

    Front End Web Designer / Developer

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Collaborate with the design and development teams to create responsive and visually appealing website designs and user interfaces.
    • Translate design mockups and wireframes into clean and efficient HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.
    • Implement best practices in front-end development to ensure cross-browser compatibility, performance optimization, and accessibility.
    • Incorporate animations, transitions, and interactive elements to enhance user engagement and interaction.
    • Conduct thorough testing and debugging to identify and resolve issues, ensuring the functionality and usability of web applications across different devices and platforms.
    • Stay updated on emerging trends and technologies in front-end development, and actively contribute ideas and insights to enhance project outcomes.


    • Proficiency in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (including ES6+), with a strong understanding of responsive design principles.
    • Experience with front-end frameworks/libraries such as Bootstrap, Foundation, or Materialize.
    • Familiarity with JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, React.js, or Vue.js is a plus.
    • Solid understanding of version control systems such as Git.
    • Strong attention to detail and a passion for creating visually stunning and user-friendly web interfaces.
    • Effective communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work independently and as part of a team.
    • Self-motivated with a desire to learn and grow in the field of front-end web development.

    Marketing / Sales Manager - Business Development Manager

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Develop and execute comprehensive marketing and sales strategies to achieve business objectives and revenue targets.
    • Identify and pursue new business opportunities through proactive lead generation, networking, and relationship building.
    • Collaborate with the marketing team to create compelling marketing materials, campaigns, and promotions to attract and engage potential clients.
    • Conduct market research and analysis to identify industry trends, competitor activities, and emerging opportunities for growth.
    • Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with existing clients, addressing their needs, concerns, and feedback to ensure satisfaction and retention.
    • Lead the sales team in prospecting, qualifying, and closing new business opportunities, including contract negotiation and closing deals.
    • Provide regular reports and updates on sales performance, market trends, and business development activities to senior management.


    • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or a related field. MBA is a plus.
    • Proven experience in marketing, sales, or business development roles, preferably in the technology or digital services industry.
    • Strong leadership abilities with a track record of driving results and achieving sales targets.
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build rapport and negotiate effectively with clients and stakeholders.
    • Strategic mindset with the ability to analyze data, identify opportunities, and develop actionable insights.
    • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills, with a passion for innovation and continuous improvement.
    • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
    • Proficiency in CRM software, Microsoft Office Suite, and other relevant business tools.

    Manager, Administration / Operations

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Develop and implement administrative policies, procedures, and systems to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.
    • Supervise and manage administrative staff, including hiring, training, scheduling, and performance evaluation.
    • Oversee day-to-day administrative tasks, including office management, facilities maintenance, and procurement of supplies.
    • Coordinate with various departments to support their administrative needs and ensure seamless communication and collaboration.
    • Manage vendor relationships and contracts, negotiate terms and pricing, and ensure timely delivery of services and goods.
    • Develop and maintain operational budgets, monitor expenses, and identify cost-saving opportunities.
    • Implement and maintain compliance with company policies, regulations, and industry standards.
    • Handle employee inquiries and concerns related to administrative matters, providing timely and effective resolution.
    • Drive continuous improvement initiatives to enhance operational efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction.


    • Bachelor's degree in any field or related field. MBA is a plus.
    • Proven experience in administrative management or operations roles, with a minimum of [X] years of relevant experience.
    • Strong leadership abilities with the ability to effectively manage and motivate a team.
    • Excellent organizational and multitasking skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.
    • Solid understanding of administrative processes, facilities management, and procurement procedures.
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to interact effectively with employees, vendors, and stakeholders at all levels.
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and other relevant software applications.
    • Detail-oriented with a focus on accuracy and quality.


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